What's Trending? Runway edition - April 2020

We have scoured the designer runways to bring you a little snippet into what’s ahead for Spring /Summer 2020 in terms of fashion trends.

Read on to see some of our tips which are sure to give you a little inspo mojo this fine Friday!


Rock Those Prints

Polka dots are absolutely having a moment right now so we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t too. This classic print has been given a fresh outlook by Marc Jacobs this spring and since they showcased it on their runways it has been popping up everywhere in all “polka dotted shapes and sizes.”. Or follow Fendis lead and add a little phsychedelia to your wardrobe with more clashing prints and patterns to style up that Saturday night “drinks with the girls outfit “. This trend seems here to stay for the foreseeable so be brave, find a colour that suits you and dive out of your comfort zone.



Don’t be afraid of colour

As much as we love it and believe it makes a great staple to your wardrobe, Black isn’t always best. The likes of Tom Ford and Valentino have been leading the way for the Neon trend that’s been hitting our runways this season.

 Neon will most definitely bring a pop of colour to any outfit choice whether it be in the shape of a clutch bag, statement heels or simple tee. But if that’s is maybe a bit too LOUD for your tastes you can always inject that pop of colour with a dreamy blue, red or pink blouse or even change up black for a soft grey or khaki instead.


Be confident in you!

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, trust us we get it!. But nothing is more attractive than a woman who is confident in whatever outfit she is in and why shouldn’t you feel that way! You are your own unique self and your own sense of style. We adore seeing a super stylish woman rocking her own individuality and Try not to compare yourself to anyone else, sure they may be thinner , curvier , taller , shorter than you and you may find yourself envying some of those features but we are here to tell you NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF to anyone else because you my girl are fabulous!


We hope you enjoyed this weeks feature and we want to leave it on this note:We believe there are no limits when it comes to fashion aslong as you are feeling absolutely positively fabulous in your chosen ensemble!


Hope you all have a great weekend and are staying safe!


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