Welcome to our little slice of Fashion heaven!

Welcome to the Kirkwood Of Scotland blog!

We wanted to create a little corner of the world that was just all ours to chat all things fashion , lifestyle and business! And why not after over 30 plus years in the industry!!

We have worked so hard to build our family run business these last few decades and we are proud to be a store that you, your mum , your gran (and maybe even your great gran!) can come to shop and all leave with something AMAZING!

We have always had the latest seasons trends in our collections so immersing ourselves in the style world has become second nature to us. We plan to keep you up to date with all things Kirkwoods and share the knowledge we have gained over the years along with some of our top tips to make fashion fun and enjoy your individuality through style! After all that is your unique super power after all! We all have a unique perspective that no one else can create so why not embrace it and lets celebrate it.



A little note to our customers...

We hope you are all managing to stay safe throughout these unprecedented times as our world continues to battle the hidden enemy that is Covid-19. Without our unbelievably supportive community , the ability to follow our fashion dreams couldn't have been possible so you have no idea just how grateful we are for each and every one of our customers over the last few decades. You really are all in our thoughts each and every day and we look forward to the time where our flagship store in the Forge Shopping centre will be open again so we can continue doing what we love!

Stay safe and stay home

All our love from the team at Kirkwood Of Scotland x



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